David Lee– Lee is our first must have of the day. Ever since Pau Gasol has fractured his hand, David Lee has played 33 minutes and 36 minutes. Lee has succeeded value in both games he has started since the Gasol injury. and is going up against a Brooklyn Nets team who doesn’t play defense verse any position pretty much. I see no reason why Lee shouldn’t exceed the 30 fanduel point margin even if the the game turns into a blowout. Lee should be priced above 6k so you’re getting him for a bargain.

Paul George– Our second must have of the day is PG13. We’ve never seen PG13 at this low of a price all season long. There’s no reason PG13 doesn’t get 35 fanduel points tonight which is 5x value (that’s what you’re looking for). Melo will be guarding him and he uses most of his energy on the offensive end of the court. PG13 is a lock for 35 fanduel points tonight

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