Kyle Lowry ($8,400)– With All-Star guard Demar DeRozan being sidelined for tonight’s game, Kyle Lowry is our first must have of the night. The Raptors will be at home tonight going against one of the league’s best teams: the San Antonio Spurs. They are on their 2nd end of their back to back so fatigue should play a factor in this game. Kyle Lowry should play a ton of minutes tonight and see a ton of shots go up. Rookie PG Murray should not be able to stick with Kyle Lowry. I expect this game to stay close in Toronto. The one thing that worries me is if Pop decides to stick Kwahi on Lowry.

Kyle Lowry Fanduel Points Prediction- 42.6

Al Horford ($7,300)– There’s a ton of good center options tonight but the one I’m most confident in is Al Horford. Horford has been super consistent throughout the whole season. He’s been putting up around 30-35 fanduel points almost every game. This is my gut call of the day. I’m calling a 40 burger for Mr. Horford tonight. With Bradley out, Horford’s value and opportunities definitely go up!

Al Horford Fanduel Points Projection- 40.1

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