LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin love. Even though Cleveland has dropped the last 6 of 8, the big three for this cavaliers team has still been stuffing up the stat sheet. This team is desperate to get back on the winning path and I’m expecting the 3 stars in Cleveland to explode on the weak defense of the Brooklyn Nets.

Now let’s take a look at the man down low for the Nets. Brook Lopez. It seems every big man that goes against the Cavaliers defense puts up a whopping amount of Fanduel points. Lopez is on a hot streak and he is essentially the only player that can give the Nets a chance at taking down Cleveland.

Isaiah Thomas and Kyle Lowry are great picks for tonight’s slate. Kyle Lowry is playing without Demar DeRozan again making him the lone star on his team tonight. Keep in mind Milwaukee is currently struggling and Toronto has home court advantage!

Isiah Thomas is proving himself to be a top, elite player in the NBA and is on an absolute tear. He is well rested, facing a mediocre Orlando team with home court advantage. Expect Isaiah Thomas to have another high productive night.

The only star Shooting guard I would be comfortable with picking would be James “Mr. Beard” Harden once again. Going against the 76ers without Embiid and a questionable Okafor… Once again, I am expecting nothing less than a 50 point performance.

LeMarcus Aldridge can either be an absolute lock tonight, or an absolute fade. If Anthony Davis plays tonight along with Leonard, I would not touch Aldridge. However if Davis does not play or has a minute limit  along with Leonard sitting, Aldridge will be a go. You can make a decision on LeMarcus later as everything unfolds for this game

For the center position you can never go wrong with Demarcus Cousins. The pacers do not play good defense against the five position, I am expecting a 45+ night from boogie man. The TrailBlazers is another team who at times struggle defending the center spot. Marc Gasol has momentum coming off an 57 point game, so do not be afraid to pick Gasol for tonight’s slate.

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