After a really ugly 4 game slate last night, it’s slate like these today that makes me motivated to grind out a well-written article. It’s been a while since the last time we have seen a slate this big with 10 games being played the same night, so this excitement is real. For this article, unlike the others, I will be mentioning the 5 plays overall that stand out to me. Enough with the small talk, let’s get down to today’s special Play Spotlight Edition article!

 Mike Conley |$7,600| @ POR

This play is more of a gut play than anything else and here’s why. Coming off a disappointing rough game in a game that Conley was in the right spot to dominate and exceed value, Conley will be coming into tonight’s game at home against the Portland TrailBlazers in what should be a competitive feat. Going against a motivation fueled back court duo feating All-Start snubs Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum, look for this game to be a back and forth duel between Conley and Lillard. Chandler Parsons IS probable tonight giving Conley an assist target and some needed production for the short-handed Grizzlies, but nonetheless expect high minutes and high production for Mr.Conley in tonight’s 10PM EST matchup.

Also Consider: Goran Dragic ($7,200), Jeff Teague ($7,200), Dennis Schroder ($6,700), & Elfrid Payton ($6,500)

Norman Powell |$4,200| vs MIL

This one is no-brainer for me and there is no reason you should fade him in tonight’s slate. Value is very limited in tonight’s slate and you’re gonna want to lock in some cheap plays to get the studs you want in your lineup, so you are gonna really want to take a deep look at Powell. Right now, from his past 2 games being a starter, Powell should be priced at the mid $5K range as he has lived up to the value from DeRozan’s injury absence. In his last 2 games, he has seen 33+ minutes while taking up 23% of the usage for the team with an astonishing 15+ shot attempts in both games. Simply put, lock him in tonight.

Also Consider: James Harden ($12,000), Giannis Antetokounmpo ($10,300), & Dion Waiters ($6,200)

LeBron James |$10,800| vs BKN

Just gonna get this out of the way, I just feel bad for the Brooklyn Nets tonight, and If I were them, I’d just call it quits right out of the gate. An angry and pissed off LeBron is in store for Nets tonight in Quicken Loan’s Arena, and disregarding if this game comes to a blowout, he will do everything in his power to get a win tonight. The Cavaliers themselves have dropped 6 of their last 8 games, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the ending of this night ends up being a blowout with LeBron registering his 3’rd consecutive triple double. There should be no statistics brought up when convincing you guys to play LeBron tonight as you should be aware that he is gonna be in beast-mode going against one of the league’s most inferior defense. Priced at $10,800, he has the potential of scoring 60+ tonight and will for sure make this game interesting!

Also Consider: Jimmy Butler ($9,800), Paul George ($7,300), Jae Crowder ($5,900), Robert Covington ($5,600), Caris Lavert ($4,300), Sam Dekker ($4,100), & Kyle Anderson ($3,900) If Leonard is ruled out

James Johnson |$5,600| @ CHI

Big news came out earlier that Heat big man Hassan Whiteside (ankle) will be ruled out for tonight’s game. With an already depleted front court sans McRoberts, Williams, Bosh, and now Whiteside, look for skilled big man James Johnson to be the next man up in tonight’s exciting matchup. The Miami Heat, as a team, have been the living definition of grit and I expect James Johnson to come off the bench tonight (in where he performs better) while still providing key and valuable minutes for a team going for their 6th consecutive win with 8 players active for the game. I personally think Willie Reed will be a trap tonight as I see Wade and Butler attacking the rim and putting him in foul trouble, so it’s best advised to look at James Johnson to be the real beneficiary with Whiteside out. Side note, I really wish Okaru White was eligible on FD, this would’ve been the perfect game for him to exceed value too.

Also Consider:  Anthony Davis ($10,300, GPP only), Paul Millsap ($8,100), Serge Ibaka ($6,000), Nerlens Noel ($4,600), & Taj Gibson ($4,500)

DeMarcus Cousins |$10,700| @ IND

Here is where you are gonna want to take advantage of Boogie. The center position, in what I believe, will be the position to punt tonight, leaving Cousins severely under-owned for what he’s gonna bring to the table tonight. DeMarcus Cousins gets a meaty matchup against a weak interior defensive Pacers team. Last game he played them, it just so happened that he got his first triple-double of the season with a stat line of 25/12/10. In reality, no matter what defense Cousins goes against, the versatility from him will be too hard to contain. In fact, look for an even bigger game for Cousins with an even cheaper price than the last matchup as Rudy Gay will be ruled out and I’m sure he won’t shoot a lousy 7-19 in tonight’s contest. The O/U at this game is currently set at 210 with Pacers favored to win by only 4. After playing a very competitive game the other night against the T-Wolves, the Pacers will be very fatigued, so look for Cousins and the Kings, well rested, to should show up and dominate tonight. Overall take on Cousins today: pay up for him and put yourself at an already advantage from others before the slate even starts.

Note: If you are planning to play tonight’s “Switcheroo” slate in where you can pair 2 centers. My advice would be to pair Cousins and Hawes. Spencer Hawes becomes an almost lock against the terrible Knicks defense if Cody Zeller is in fact ruled out tonight.

Also Consider: Marc Gasol ($8,700), Brook Lopez ($7,400), Greg Monroe ($5,700), Willy Hernangomez ($4,700), Spencer Hawes ($4,000, if Zeller is ruled out), & Willie Reed ($3,900)

That’s all for today! A very interesting article on my personal favorites plays. Hope all of y’all see green by the time the games end and we will back with another article soon!

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