Mike Conley ($7,500)– My first have in tonight’s slate is Mike Conley. Ok, ok, I know, Conley had just been an “OK” player as of late. He hasn’t reached the 40 Fanduel Mark in 6 straight games, but tonight I absolutely LOVE the matchup against the Suns who are VERY weak against opposing point guards and pretty much all positions. Even though Mike Conley is our fist Must Have of the night, I expect people to over-look him tonight because of his previous few game games on his game log. Mike Conley WILL reach the 40 point Fanduel mark tonight, mark my words.

Mike Conley FanDuel Points Projected- 43.7

Andre Drummond ($8,000)– I rarely like to target any Pistons players in DFS but today is an exception. As most people will probably be on Karl Antony Towns because he makes for a great option to pay up for today, I believe Drummond is the greater point/$ pivot and actually expect him to get around the same amount of Fanduel points for a discount. This is my gut play of the night and again, I don’t expect Drummond to be too popular of a play and this is a primetime matchup for Drummond to easily have one of his 20 points 20 rebounds game. I’ve been burnt by Drummond before, but tonight is a different night. I expect big things for number 0 in blue. Expect the confidence to go up on this gut-play if in fact Al Horford is ruled out tonight.

Andre Drummond FanDuel Points Projection- 45.2

#TrustSplash and you’re gonna hitting in the green tonight! Been red-hot as of late so its best to follow us if you haven’t already: @SplashBrosDFS. Good Luck!

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