Yo guys,  Sriracha here, how did everyone do last night? There are 6 NBA games in store for us tonight, with the first one being at 6:00 EST, but that’s for the all-day slate. The value-plays today are featured on the main slate. Let’s jump right into the plays.

SETH CURRY (4,300 FD) & YOGI FERRELL (3,500 FD , 3,500 DK)

With starting point guard Deron Williams confirmed out, Curry and Ferrell are in line to receive over 30 minutes again tonight. Against the Spurs, Seth Curry dropped a double double (24/10) for 43.5 fanduel points, in 36 minutes. Ferrell, played 35 minutes, and was able to produce 9/2/7 stat line, resulting in 25.9 FP. Versus the Cavs sans Love, the Mavericks have a legit chance to keep the game close, and both these UNDERPRICED Maverick guards should be on their way to 5x+ value.

CHANNING FRYE (3,800 FD , 3,400 DK)

With Kevin Love getting injured last night, the value plays seem to lie in the CLE v DAL game of tonight. On one side you have Seth and Yogi, and on the other side, Frye looks to pick up the minutes that Kevin Love would usually play. When Kevin Love is in play, Frye averages a mere 15 FP. With Kevin Love out, Frye avgs over 20 FP, which exceeds his 5x value @ $3,800. If Dirk plays, look for Frye to match up with him, giving him around 25-30 minutes playing time.


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