1/27 NBA Sleepers

TJ McConnell ($5,600)

McConnell will be highly overlooked with the plethora of options today. Sergio Rodriguez went down at the end of last month, and since December 30th, TJ has taken over as the starter and has secured his role. In the month of January, he’s quietly averaging 31.7 Fanduel points per game, comfortably above salary-based expectations. Furthermore, he’s in a pace-up matchup vs Houston (4th in pace) with a high over/under at 227.5, the second highest on the slate. Twice this month he’s faced top 5 paced teams in Denver and Brooklyn where he logged 29.4 and 24.6 Fanduel points, respectively. Some may argue the tough matchup with Patrick Beverley, but the Rockets sport a bottom DvP vs point guard’s sitting at 26th in the league in the past 4 weeks, a period Beverley was nearly fully present Continue reading “1/27 NBA Sleepers”

1/27 NBA Thoughts: NBA Stud Edition

LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin love. Even though Cleveland has dropped the last 6 of 8, the big three for this cavaliers team has still been stuffing up the stat sheet. This team is desperate to get back on the winning path and I’m expecting the 3 stars in Cleveland to explode on the weak defense of the Brooklyn Nets.

Now let’s take a look at the man down low for the Nets. Brook Lopez. It seems every big man that goes against the Cavaliers defense puts up a whopping amount of Fanduel points. Lopez is on a hot streak and he is essentially the only player that can give the Nets a chance at taking down Cleveland. Continue reading “1/27 NBA Thoughts: NBA Stud Edition”

1/27 Slate-Talk: Player Spotlight Edition

After a really ugly 4 game slate last night, it’s slate like these today that makes me motivated to grind out a well-written article. It’s been a while since the last time we have seen a slate this big with 10 games being played the same night, so this excitement is real. For this article, unlike the others, I will be mentioning the 5 plays overall that stand out to me. Enough with the small talk, let’s get down to today’s special Play Spotlight Edition article!

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1/26 Must-Have/Sleeper Picks


Seth Curry is our must have of the night in all formats. With JJ Barea, Mathews and the newly injured Deron Williams all being out tonight, I see Curry being a huge part of the offense and getting heavy burn! For 4.1k he can easily hit 6x value if not more! There’s really nothing else to say about this pick… pretty obvious to me.

Seth Curry fanduel point prediction- 27.4 Continue reading “1/26 Must-Have/Sleeper Picks”

NBA Thoughts- 1/25: Stud Edition

You look at tonight’s slate. Your eyes pop at all the stars; LeBron, KD, Harden Antetokounmpo, Cousins, etc.. $60,000 to make a line, so which stars do you pick?

Well let’s start out with the studs for tonight’s slate. The brightest star tonight has to be James Harden. The MVP candidate will face off against a tired Celtics team playing their 2nd consecutive game. So far into the season, Boston has shown that their defensive skill set ranks fair to mediocre. Harden is well rested coming into this game and I expect nothing less than a 50 burger from the beard. Continue reading “NBA Thoughts- 1/25: Stud Edition”

1/24 Must-Haves

Kyle Lowry ($8,400)– With All-Star guard Demar DeRozan being sidelined for tonight’s game, Kyle Lowry is our first must have of the night. The Raptors will be at home tonight going against one of the league’s best teams: the San Antonio Spurs. They are on their 2nd end of their back to back so fatigue should play a factor in this game. Kyle Lowry should play a ton of minutes tonight and see a ton of shots go up. Rookie PG Murray should not be able to stick with Kyle Lowry. I expect this game to stay close in Toronto. The one thing that worries me is if Pop decides to stick Kwahi on Lowry.

Kyle Lowry Fanduel Points Prediction- 42.6 Continue reading “1/24 Must-Haves”

1/24 Slate-Talk

Throughout all the hard work the team and I put together to make this site a reality, I am glad to say we are finally ready for business!  Tonight’s spicy 6 game slate features a ton of back-to-back games from teams playing yesterday and a lot of key injuries to focus on. From what we know now, both Derozan (ankle) and Embiid (knee) are ruled out tonight. One thing to note however, is that Clippers All-Star Blake Griffin will be probable to play tonight against the 76ers. So, without question, it will definitely be interesting to build a lineup tonight.

With that being said, let’s get into the slate!

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