Hey guys, welcome to February. After the past two slates with 6 games on each, tonight features a biiiiiig juicy 12 game slate. Let’s jump into the plays for tonight.

SETH CURRY ($5,800 FD , $5,400 DK) & YOGI FERRELL ($4,900 FD , $4,000 DK)

Second time writing about these fellas this week, and it was a joy to watch them ball out vs the Cavs! With Deron Williams ruled out, both these guards should exceed value vs the Sixers, and without Embiid– the interior defense is weak. Although Fanduel rose both of their prices, both the youngsters should be able to hit 5x value at only 4,900 and 5,800. They are way better plays on DK, with Seth having a 400$ difference and Yogi a better 900$ difference. Devin Harris rarely sees over 20 minutes a night… Both of these guards will take up the minutes still along with Wes Matthews, who is also a solid cash play tonight.


With DeRozan out again, Norman Powell will take the starting spot in tonight’s game against the Celtics. Though him and Lowry just played 40 minutes in the first half of a b2b, Norman Powell has the FGA and the additional stats to exceed 5x value tonight. He’s more of a play on FanDuel for me, just because of the huge difference of salary. On Draft Kings, he’s a decent play too, just afraid of the minutes.

BRANDON JENNINGS ($5,600 FD , $5,200 DK)

Jennings is on a back end of a b2b after playing last night against Washington, exceeding value in a game that ended near the beginning of the 4th quarter. He got up 15 and 16 shots in the past two games with Rose out, and facing a Brooklyn defense that is AWFUL against PG’s, he should see no issue of exceeding value again tonight. Did I mention he only hit 5? There is a lot of upside with Jennings because not only does he get starter minutes with Rose out, but he also distributes the ball and plays hard D in crunch. Lock him in for that value tonight.



If this guy starts, he will be a menace in the paint with Joakim looking like a complete garbage can out there. Against the Wizards last night he started and put up a double-double with 15 and 14 in 32 minutes. Playing against a weak Brooklyn defense tonight sets him up for a huge night if Porzingis is ruled out.


Well, that’s it for today! Follow/Tweet us @SrirachaDFS. Appreciate everyone reading even if it’s just today or everyday. Blessed!




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