Hey guys! We’re back after taking a day off. Jimmy Butler screwed almost everyone last night… But that’s DFS. Unlucky stuff happens and there’s nothing you can do about it. Oh well. Let’s dive into today’s value plays.

EVAN FOURNIER ($5,000 FD , $5,000 DK)

Evan has returned from his injury, and has been trending up. He started off the bench, now he’s back in he starting unit. He logged his first double-double in awhile, (20/10/4) against the raptors, in 36 minutes. Look for Evan to log 30+ minutes against Atlanta, and shoot 10+ shots. He is the same amount of salary on both sites as well, so there’s no discrepancy on which site to pick him on.

JOHN HENSON ($3,500 FD , $3,000 DK)

Yesterday, John Henson played 31 minutes and logged 16/5 with 4 blocks and 1 steal, ending with 32 FP on FD. Since a trade went down with CHA and MIL, Henson has benefitted with the starting position and absorbing the C minutes. He probably got minutes because of the match up with Jokic, as his other C teammate Greg Monroe plays no defense. Look for him to play at least 20+ minutes tonight against Tyson Chandler, and exceed value.

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