John Wall ($10,800) : The Washington Wizards, the league’s most hottest team, are the favorites tonight heading into Cleveland. John Wall has dropped at least 50 FDP in three of his last five games and tonight, and in a game where a statement should be made, a 50+ FDP game should be no problem for him. In Wall’s 19 games he faced the Cavs, he averages 20.2 ppg, 4.6 rebounds and 9.4 assists. Something noticeable to point out here is that this is his best numbers against any team in the Eastern Conference. The Cavaliers themselves are one of the worst teams in the league defending the point and in a potential game sans Kyrie Irving, whoever has the misfortune of guarding John Wall will definitely struggle tonight. Wall is a safe target if deciding to spend up at the point tonight, but I would rather use him tournaments than cash games tonight.

Kyle Lowry ($9,000) will be without DeMar DeRozan once again against the Cippers, making him the lone star on the Raptors. Lowry has dropped at least 43 FDP in his last 6 of 7 games ( 3 of those games he was 1 point away from 50 ) and the Clippers defense against the point has been mediocre ever since Chris Paul has been out. Besides the fact that this is the Raptors’ second straight game, all signs point to Lowry putting this Toronto team on his back and stuffing up the stat sheet. Once again, safe to hit value but a GPP play for me.

Dwyane Wade ($7,800) has put up 40+ FDP in 4 of his last 7 games including a 57.2 FDP performance last time against Sacramento on January 21st. Speaking of the Sacramento Kings, they will be hosting the Bulls tonight for a late night game at 10:30 EST. I know late night games have no difference in helping you cash, but I love when I have a player going late as it gives a little insurance that its not over till its over. Being that this game has a spread right now of just -2, and Cousins will be angry coming in this matchup after that controversial foul that caused them the game last time around, I have no doubt that this game will be competitive and the most entertaining games to watch in tonight’s slate of NBA. Moving back to game, Jimmy Butler was limited in practice today and remains a game time decision. If Butler is ruled out tonight, Wade will gain an almost 43% usage making him a must play for only $7,800.

Devin Booker ($7,100):  My favorite word to say when talking about FanDuel cash games is  the word ‘consistency’. If you looked the word up in the dictionary, you may just find a picture of Devin Booker. In his last 20 games he is averaging 33.36 FDP.  He loves having the ball the ball in his hands, he’s not afraid to shoot and he loves to score. He may have 8 points in the end of the half, but from seeing his past game footage, the man can light it up and time, any quarter so I wouldn’t be calling him out right away if he does get out to a bad start. . He makes for a perfect pick in FanDuel, especially tonight as he faces a terrible Pelicans defense. When he get’s hot, he remains hot, perfect opportunity tonight with the price just right, so take advantage of playing him while you can!

Andrew Wiggins ($7,400):  There are some big flashy names in the Small Forward slot tonight, but out of all those names, the one that catches my eye is Andrew Wiggins. His price is only $7,400, but my words, his price will rise sooner than later. Without Lavine on the floor, Wiggins‘ value exponentially increases. With the Miami Heat being on a hot 10 game win streak, I’ve noticed that most of their games have become high-paced to what they were before. This benefits Andrew Wiggins and his team will want to compete tonight while still seeing a large amount of shots and minutes. Take advantage of Wiggins’ low price while you can.

Anthony Davis ($11,400): We all know Davis is a stat stuffing machine that scores in the high 20s every night, but tonight not most of us know he will face a weak, high paced Suns team. At an over under of 221, this will translate to more possessions to make more shots, get more blocks, more rebounds, and everything else for Davis. Another thing to note is that he will be starting tonight at the center position this time and will be matching up with one of the league’s worse defensive shot defenders in the league, Tyson Chandler. Davis has been becoming more durable as of late and of all players, and  I can not see him disappointing tonight. He makes for a top play across all boards and is a safe play in both cash and tournaments games.

DeMarcus Cousins ($11,100) is looks extremely promising tonight. He has surpassed the 50 FDP mark twice and the 60 FDP twice in his last 5 games. Unlike the rest of the centers on the board, Cousins poses as your daily triple-double threat as his assist number have been way up without Rudy Gay. Robin Lopez and the Bulls have been playing solid defense against the center position this season, but when Demarcus Cousins is hot, I don’t think there is any team in the league that can contain him. Historically, he has played extremely well against Chicago and in his last meeting with them, he left the stadium angry that he lost the game because a call was very controversial and clearly was ruled against him. Look for Cousins to continue is dominance tonight as this game will have a little more meaning than the other games Cousins has played in his past.

Andre Drummond ($8,500):  has been playing a bit inconsistent as of late. But the reason I love him for a pick tonight, is the fact he is going up against a weak 76ers team well rested, and with Joel Embiid out once again. If you haven’t noticed by now, you probably shout start: Centers dominate against Philly this season without Joel Embiid. Hassan Whiteside (57 FDP), Robin Lopez (42 FDP) and even Dewayne Dedmon (30.5 FDP), have all had MONSTER games against this weak team. There is no active player on the 76ers roster who can contain Drummond making him a must-play in my books. Look to target him in tournaments as well as cash games without hesitation.

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