Last night was a bit of a clusterf*** due to the Cavs and two more late scratches.  Unfortunately, it’s that time of the season where this is going to become more of the norm.  I’m writing this article early in the day and it’s difficult to assess fades and pivots with so much pending injury news so I’m going to switch it up a little.  Since I’m more of a GPP player than cash, I’m going to focus on that aspect.  If you want cash talk check out @Fanduel_Bomb, @ArtestDFS, and @SplashBrosDSFS as they have all been killing it.  The key to GPP success is to mix in some low-ownership plays that have high upside so when they hit and the high-ownership plays don’t you move way ahead of the field.  I’m going to bring you one contrarian play at each position that I expect to be low-owned that has the 6x – 10x upside that we’re looking for.  So without further adieu…..

Point Guard:

D’Angelo Russell ($5,900 FD & DK): After he had three great performances of 47.4, 40.9 and 38.2 FanDuel points people mistakenly started thinking he was a cash play, but he followed that up with two duds of 15.4 and 9.7 FanDuel points in only 20 and 23 minutes.  Coach Walton later said Russell’s legs seemed tired, which is kind of hard for me to imagine for a 20-year old athlete. One of my favorite GPP strategies is to jump on a guy in this exact situation when everyone else is jumping ship and add in the fact that he has an unfavorable matchup against Milwaukee who ranks second against the position, further depressing his ownership.

Shooting Guard:

Lance Stephenson ($3,900 FD / $3,200 DK):  I was a little surprised he played 20 minutes in his debut with the Timberwolves.  He signed a 10-day contract in response to Zach Lavine’s season-ending injury.  So Lance definitely has something to play for if he wants any kind of an extension or to be picked up by another team.  He’s definitely more talented than Brandon Rush and we know Coach Thibodeau keeps a tight rotation and plays his starters massive minutes.  If Stephenson somehow finds his way into the starting lineup he could get around 30 minutes of action.  Even off the bench, if he plays well he could get a nice run.

Small Forward:

Michael Beasley ($4,400 FD / $3,900 DK) or Mirza Teletovic ($4,100 FD / $3,000 DK):  I don’t know what to expect from Jason Kidd tonight in regards to the starting lineup and rotation for the Bucks, who have to play the rest of their season without young star, Jabari Parker.  Based on prior history it seems like Thon Maker might draw the start, but he hasn’t played big minutes nor been much of a contributor.  I’m also curious if recently acquired Spencer Hawes or Roy Hibbert will make their team debut tonight, which would further muddy up the waters.  Both Beasley and Teletovic have some upside and they have a great matchup against the Lakers.  I hope to get some clarification on this situation later in the day, but if I get the feeling that either of these guys is going to get 25+ minutes, that player may be worth a GPP flier.

Power Forward:

Julius Randle ($5,700 FD / $5,400 DK):  This seems like the right time to jump onto a player that has 50 point fantasy upside but hasn’t done so in over two months.  He’s been playing limited minutes of late while battling through an illness, but the Lakers seemed to make it a point to get him to 30 minutes last game, despite the blowout.  I want to jump on him before it’s too late.


John Henson ($3,900 FD / $4,100 DK):  Same reasons as above (Small Forward breakdown), but only if Hawes and Hibbert are inactive.  Great matchup and could see an uptick in minutes.

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