Point Guard

At $6200 we have George Hill who has dropped at least 26.7 in his last 4 played games. Tonight he hosts the fast paced clippers in Utah. George Hill’s price has been steadily increasing over the recent games, however he is still a good pick for $6200.

On the other side of this game we have the point guard for the Clippers. Austin Rivers sits at $5700 tonight. The Utah Jazz isn’t the ideal opponent you want to see when choosing your point guard. But Rivers has been consistently hitting value, reaching at least 22.4 in his last 12 of 13 games. Rivers will be a good pick for  cash games.

Mavericks point guard Deron Williams came back last game, but only saw 16 minutes of action. He sat out of shoot around due to an illness, if he is ruled out, Yogi Ferell will be an excellent pick for tonight’s slate. He is priced at $5600, at home against Isiah Thomas. One of the worst point guard defenders in the league.

TJ McConnell is another point guard who get over looked at times. He has been putting up impressive numbers over the last few weeks and plays a struggling, weak defensive Hornets team tonight. He is priced at $5500. I don’t see him missing value for tonight’s slate.

The Nuggets have caught the injury bug. They have 7 total players that are ruled out or are a GTD. Even with all the injuries, that main factor for a Nelson pick rides on the status of Emmanuel Mudiay. If Muddiay is ruled out, Nelson is a golden pick at $5000.

Shooting Guard

Devin Booker is arguably the most consistent value player in the league. His last 2 of 3 haven’t been that impressive scoring 21.2 and 22.7 FDP respectively. Do not let this discourage you from picking Booker. His price is only at $6700 against the Pelicans who play average defense against shooting guards. Take advantage of his low price while you can. I can guarantee it will be back up to 7K+ in a matter of no time.

Another very consistent Shooting Guard as of late has been Victor Oladipo and just like Booker, his price is very low for his potential to put up big numbers tonight. The catch for Oladipo is, he faces the Wizards. Washington has been the best team in the league defending shooting guards over the last few weeks. I wouldn’t expect a 40 burger from Oladipo, but hitting value should not be a problem. He’s a safe pick for cash games.

At $5900 we have Wesley Matthews who has been fantastic over the last week or so. This is another guy who’s price will start to increase and fast. Keep in mind that the Celtics are one of the best teams defending the shooting guard position, but Matthews has been putting up big numbers, even against solid defenses.

Looking lower into prices, at $5100 is Jamal Crawford who has hit value his last 10 of 11 games. The only one he missed was the game against the Warriors. Tonight is a bigger risk because he is facing the Jazz, who play strong defense, however he is still a player you should consider if you’re looking to stack your line tonight.

If you’re looking for a big gamble and need a good GPP pick, I would look at Nick Stauskas. He is at the low price of $4100 and has reached at least 21.5 in his last 4 of 5 games. He had been on a hot streak, and it is very possible for him to continue his success against Charlotte tonight.

Small Forward

Harrison Barnes hasn’t been playing his best basketball as of late, which explains why his price has dipped down to $6200. He will most likely be overlooked tonight and even though he hasn’t been playing great, I believe he will make for a safe cash game pick tonight. On the 9th of this month against Utah, he managed 36.3 FDP, so he certainly has the ability to put up 35 against Boston at home.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist plays an extremely weak defensive 76ers team at his home place. He’s been playing a bit of inconsistent ball lately, but Philly should be one of the teams he does better against. He is at $5600 tonight.

If you’re looking for a nice GPP pick, Andre Roberson may your man. Priced at only $4300, he faces the Wizards for tonight’s slate. Roberson has played at least 34 minutes in his last 4 games and has scored at least 22.9 in his last 4 as well. He has the hot hand, don’t be afraid to give him a go in your line tonight.

Power Forward

If Dion Waiters sits tonight once again, Johnson is an almost must have. He has scored at least 30 FDP in his last 7 of 9 contests and is only priced at $6400. Even if Waiters is in he will be a solid pick.

Overall, Serge Ibaka has been playing great, however there has been some inconsistent games over  the past week. He plays the Miami Heat tonight, and is only priced at $5800. For cash games, Ibaka is a solid play at the PF slot.

Over the last 4 games, Dirk has been putting up some eye raising numbers including a 33.4 FDP performance against the Jazz. He’s getting the start at the 5 position tonight, and will be another safe pick tonight for cash games.

FRANK KAMINSKY. Why is his name in all caps??? Because Zeller is out, Kaminsky is $4800 and the 76ers are without Okafor and Embiid, making them one of the worst defensive teams in the league. Kamisky is a must play tonight!

Since we are still on the Charlotte vs. Philly game, let’s look at a value pick for the 76ers. Dario Saric is priced at $5100 and has dropped 37.2 and 41.1 FDP in his last 2 games respectively. He should be a good pick for cash games.


The center position is rough tonight. There aren’t really any names that pop out to me.

Recently, the Nuggets have been the absolute worst team in the league when it comes to defending centers. With Pachulia out, JaVale McGee will get the start. This pick is a BIG RISK. I would only recommend for GPP. For $3600, hopefully he can take advantage of a banged up Nuggets team.

The next 2 guys I’m going to mention aren’t value players. But the center position is a rough one tonight and to win, you’re going to need that one center who hits his value or goes beyond.

Marc Gasol faces Brooklyn. He is $8500 and Brooklyn is just awful at defending the center. Gasol is a big center who can easily abuse the Brooklyn front court.

At just $200 more, we have Andre Drummond. The Bucks have just lost Jabari Parker and have Thon Maker starting at the center. With Maker and Beasley composing the front court, I don’t see who will be able to stop Drummond.

And oh yeah, expect Dwight Howard to feast on Myers Leonard tonight 🙂

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