Another crazy weekend of basketball.  I definitely need to trust my gut and initial roster construction better going forward, as we’re going to have a lot more last minute news to react to.  The Suns and Bulls were so trappy and I fell for it hook line and sinker, as did many.  It’s so easy to take these min-price players that should see massive upticks in minutes and usage.  I mean, somebody has to score, right?  Tell that to Brandon Knight or Taj Gibson, etc. etc.  Anyways, let’s get to some of my favorite, high upside, GPP-only picks for tonight’s 11-game slate.

Point Guard:

Jeff Teague ($7,000 FD / $6,900 DK):  Teague gets the dynamic pricing discount against the Spurs. The Pacers are at home and they’re coming off a poor showing against the Bucks on Saturday.  I expect a better performance tonight.  Additionally, the Spurs are playing on a back-to-back and final game of a 3 in 4.  I would not be surprised if a couple guys were rested.  Teague has that 50+ point fantasy upside needed for GPPs and should be underowned given the matchup and other options at the position.

Shooting Guard:

Marcus Smart ($5,900 FD / $5,500 DK):  I don’t expect anybody to play him at this price point given the other chalky options available.  Smart could see 35-40 minutes of action tonight in what projects to be one of the most competitive games of the night.  With Jaylen Brown expected to miss tonight’s game and Gerald Green questionable, it will further solidify Smart’s minutes and production.  Smart has shown 40+ point fantasy upside if he can make some shots.

Small Forward:

Michael Beasley ($4,300 FD / $4,700 DK):  Beasley has underwhelmed in his first two games following the Jabari Parker injury.  Nobody on the Bucks can be fully trusted in Jason Kidd’s rotation except Giannis. The big game for Beasley is going to happen, it’s just a matter of when.  Kidd could easily play him 15 minutes or 30 minutes; it’s tough to predict.  He’s going to hit us with that 30-40 point fantasy game and this seems like a good time to throw that GPP dart when the people who played him the last two games are going to be jumping off.

Power Forward:

Anthony Davis ($11,100 FD / $11,000 DK):  I’ve been playing The Brow a lot lately and have noticed his ownership is considerably down from where it was early in the season.  People still worry about his injury risk, but haven’t caught on to how consistent his minutes and production have been of late.  I think this is another night for him to go underowned, as many people will be targeting Jokic tonight against the Warriors, but that game contains blowout risk and there’s always the risk of foul trouble with Jokic.  Anthony Davis has a plum matchup against the Suns, whom he torched for 58.3 FanDuel points a week ago, plus there could be some added upside if Tyson Chandler misses the game.


Dwight Howard ($6,800 FD / $6,900 DK):  This might be my favorite GPP play of the bunch.  Howard comes in at discount due to some subpar performances in the last 4 games, 3 of which, though, were double-digit blowouts.  Howard often only plays around 25 minutes in blowouts but gets 30+ minutes typically in competitive games.  Vegas thinks this one will be one of the most competitive of the night, as evidenced by the tight 2 point spread.  Howard also has a phenomenal track record against the Blazers, and hasn’t scored under 35 FanDuel points against them since 2013.  The Blazers also just traded away their starting Center, Mason Plumlee for Jusuf Nurkic.  It’s unclear yet who will start and how the rotations will shake out tonight, but regardless of who’s in there, Howard has a cush matchup.

Fade of the Night:

Ed Davis ($3,500 FD / $3,000 DK):  There’s a good chance he starts tonight.  People will use him in a stars and scrubs approach, but he’s only eclipsed the 20 minute mark once in the last two months.  Even earlier in the season when he played more minutes he rarely put up good performances.  He also has a tough matchup against Dwight Howard.  Don’t fall for the trap.

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