NFL Defenses: Risers and Fallers

A good and reliable fantasy defense can be key to winning fantasy championships. Last year, “Sacksonville”, along with 12 other defenses, finished well above PPR monster Larry Fitzgerald (finished as a WR10) in points per game.  The key to any good fantasy defense is turnovers, sacks, and shutting out opponents, and while these metrics are very unstable from year to year, they are the most relevant in terms of fantasy points.  Some teams have done a great job this offseason adding new playmakers who can add valuable fantasy statistics to their team, while others have lost their edge and are starting to become older, slower, and less menacing. Continue reading “NFL Defenses: Risers and Fallers”

Predicting the Next Alvin Kamara

I was tasked with answering the most difficult to answer question in fantasy this year. Who will be the Alvin Kamara of the 2018 NFL season?

There are a couple ways to go about determining this.  Grab the most talented handcuffs and pray for an injury to the starter or pick a guy with opportunity to expand into a prominent role.   Continue reading “Predicting the Next Alvin Kamara”

Sleepers: Wide Reciever Edition

With each NFL team typically having 2-4 talented WR’s, we will always have a ton of options at the position when it comes to fantasy. In today’s article, we have 6 WR’s that you can draft late that will significantly outperform their ADP (Average Draft Position). Note: the ADP are calculated from a 12 team PPR format.

Continue reading “Sleepers: Wide Reciever Edition”

Season Long NFL: 2 Breakout Candidates

The key to any great fantasy player is opportunity. Snaps, targets, and touches all assist in a player’s breakout season.  Sometimes young talents are stuck behind veterans on the depth chart and don’t have the ability to showcase their talent.  As players move teams, new opportunities arise.  Here are some examples of players who could have a breakout year in fantasy:

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NFL Debate: Saquon or Kamara?

Setting the Stage

When it comes to redraft fantasy football leagues, Todd Gurley and Le’Veon Bell are the 1A and 1B of draft picks.

After that, we have 3-5 running backs that can take the cake as being selected as the RB3 in drafts.

Saquon Barkley and Alvin Kamara are two of the younger stud RB’s in the NFL. They both have phenomenal college tape and are now featured on efficient NFL offenses. Continue reading “NFL Debate: Saquon or Kamara?”

NFL Debate: Who to Take at Pick #3?

Season Long players! This one is for you!

Setting the Stage

You are in a snake draft and Todd Gurley and Le’Veon Bell are off the board. You have the 3rd pick in the draft and are deciding on who to take but ultimately don’t feel confident in making a decision. With the conversations I’ve seen in almost every setting: twitter, the workplace, and in real life situations, it is almost 50/50 on who is the better Continue reading “NFL Debate: Who to Take at Pick #3?”