Hey guys FanDuel Bomb here,

Looking to crank things up and get things ready for Week 1.

Look at this website moving forward as resources for both your season-long Fantasy Football team as well as your Weekly DFS Football team.


Must Haves: Expect these to be short. A simple paragraph on 2 obvious plays that we see this week. This could be from opportunity wise or just because of how bad they are priced.

Chalk Talk: Fade or Eat : For Starters, in our book, “Chalk” is simply over 30% owned players on a given slate. For the DFS crowd, we will be analyzing the chalky plays of the slate.  Fading them would mean to pivot, and Eating them would mean to buy-in. These should be great reads!

Value Plays: A series of short weekly articles that will target players that are in great spots to dominate and are highly undervalued pricing wise.

Bold Prediction: Could span from 2 to 5 any given week. These articles will be about risky/confident predictions on how we see a certain situation ended up in a given week of football. Upsets, Blowouts, the type of predictions are endless!

Waiver Wire Gems: A new addition to the site. Also short, but meant for the Fantasy Football Fans: these weekly article updates will be about certain under-the-radar players that you should be picking up on your team.

NFL Winnings: A page that will be tracking @Fanduel_Bomb’s winning record featuring posts and quick recaps for each of his lineups.


As always, only looking to expand from here on out. New article ideas and content are still in the making, so nothing is final just yet. Don’t expect everything all in one week, but I will try to push as much content out as I possibly can to help you guys win money this NFL Season.


Enjoy the ride,

FanDuel Bomb

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