Hey guys, GalaxyDFS here! There are plenty of routes to go in this huge Week 1 NFL slate. The art of stacking a receiver with a quarterback is important in NFL especially if you want that extra boost when they connect. When done right, you have a better leverage and edge compared to the playing field. In this article, these are the two stacks that I believe not a lot of people will be on but I see myself using a lot of in my GPPs Week 1.


Andy Dalton and A.J. Green

Image result for AJ green

Andy Dalton ($6,800) and A. J. Green ($8,400) are in blow up spots.  This stack isn’t exactly out of the box, but their ownership should be at an average level due to people not trusting Andy Dalton.  We all remember what he did week one last year where he registered negative points week 1!  The Colts defense is one we will want to attack early and often in 2018.  Last year they ranked 28th in passing yards allowed per game, and now they are without both Vontae Davis and Rashaan Melvin.  No one on that roster will be able to guard A.J. Green, and with Andrew luck back, it could turn into a shootout with lots of points to be had. This is my favorite stack off the week for tournaments by far!


Sam Bradford and Larry Fitzgerald

Image result for larry fitzgerald

This is a stack which will probably be short-lived.  Bottom line, Sam Bradford ($6,800) is a good quarterback who just can’t stay healthy.  I will be using Bradford as much as I can while he’s out there. I think the Cardinals will have much more success this year with David Johnson back. Sam Bradford loves his check down routes and that’s something Larry and David excel at. Bradford is at a major discount this week at $6,400 on FD and $5,200 on DK. Larry Fitzgerald is also at a great price of $7,300 on FD and 6,600 on DK.  They have a good matchup against the Redskins who gave up the 5th most points per game last year.  Look for Bradford to target Fitzgerald in the slot a ton this Sunday.

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