1) Alvin Kamara Is an Elite RB and WR (@dylanticeff)

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This dude is having an amazing start to the 2018 season. Kamara is making his presence known in the receiving game, and he’s currently 4th in targets (38), 3rd in receptions (30), 9th in receiving yards (289), and 1st in red zone targets with 12. Not only is Kamara doing work as a WR but he’s also getting a little over 12 touches per game in the running department. In this year’s 3 game sample size, Kamara has 67 total touches, 430 total yards, and 3 total touchdowns. Not bad for someone who isn’t suppose to see a big workload huh?  I’m not necessarily worried about the soon arrival of Mark Ingram, due to the fact that Kamara is used in so many different ways in this offense. The dual-threat RB gets a juicy matchup this week against the struggling New York Giants front 7. Another thing to love about Kamara going forward is that New Orleans Saints defense has gone missing in 2018, so every game is viable of being a shootout. Factoring in all of this, Alvin Kamara could very well push for being this year’s top fantasy performer.

2) Kerryon Johnson Is The Real Deal (@Galaxy_DFS)

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There is one player who I have been drafting in every draft possible this year and that is Kerryon Johnson.  I think it is finally safe to say he has gained the trust in the offense and will start to see the bulk of the work going forward.  Kerryon split work with LeGarrette Blount in weeks 2 and 3, getting the same amount of carries, but Kerryon separated himself by gaining significantly more yards per carry and also being a huge threat in the passing game.  If you hadn’t heard yet, Kerryon snapped what was a 70 game drought of not having a 100 yard game.  The Lions have not had this type of workhorse back since Reggie Bush, if you could have even considered him that.  I believe Kerryon Johnson has the vision, explosiveness, and patience to be one of the best backs in the league.  While the pass-happy offense may limit him some early on,  I think it is only a matter of time before you see him being an every week fantasy decision you can’t overlook.

3) Tyler Boyd is in for a Stellar Season (Kiliman2417)

Image result for tyler boydTyler Boyd had a rough sophomore year last year but has turned things around recently.  Coming off a great game where he logged 6 catches for 132 yards and a touchdown, Boyd has made steady improvement each week.  He has played about 84% of the offensive snaps with most of those coming from the slot position and has a target rate of about 18% which has turned into him leading the team in receiving yards and second in total targets.  His stock should only rise since AJ Green is dealing with a groin injury which will give Boyd more snaps and more opportunity to have a couple more great games.  This season has been all about WR2 with many secondary options outscoring the primary option thus far.  Therefore, Boyd should be picked up in all season long and will likely be a viable daily play until his price gets too high.

4) The Emergence of Baker Mayfield & The Browns (@Fanduel_Bomb)

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In Week 3’s version of Thursday Night Football, we finally got to witness “The Rise of Mayfield“. Before entering the game, Tyrod Taylor was only able to put up 3 points against the Jets with a QBR rating of 39.6 going 4-14 in passing while taking in 3 sacks. With all the disappointment from their last 2 games, the Browns were desperately looking for a catalyst to be back into relevancy again and after an unfortunate concussion that brought Taylor to the locker room, Baker Mayfield became the answer. Coming in the second half, Mayfield completed 17-23 passes posting a QBR of 100.1. Yes, it would have been impressive if we saw a TD, but what was clear was that this was that the energy that Browns desperately needed! Mayfield was able to transform the offense and it was clear that the players trusted his playing ability and the chemistry was there. Mayfield showed poise, confidence, and precision and what a #1 pick should look like. How it affects the other player you ask? Jarvis Landry becomes a top 10 WR with a safe WR1 ceiling. Carlos Hyde becomes a high upside RB2 with the red zone looks now there. Antonio Callaway (Priced at $4,500 on FanDuel) is a dependable FLEX option and David Njoku becomes in the conversation for a Top 10 TE.

Browns fans, rejoice! The time is here and make sure you own/or target a Browns player on your fantasy team!

5) The Time May Have Come for Change in Dallas (@Justin_A_Byers)

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Even before Dak Prescott took the job from Tony Romo the Cowboys have failed to find a foundation that has mounted to success on a consistent basis. After the emergence of young talents like Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot, the Cowboys have seemed to be complacent from both a coach and player standpoint. This may cause for owner and general manager Jerry Jones to make some changes. Sometimes change can lead to growth and I believe that could benefit the Dallas Cowboys. Even though the defense has been able to pick up the team’s slack, the once dominant offensive line that was the glue to the Cowboys have wavered and impacted the team’s performance as a whole. The Cowboys need to find some unity as an organization. A takeaway from Week 3 is that the Dallas Cowboys may need change and the change may have to come from the top. Step 1 should be settling past differences with Dez Bryant and signing him back on the team.

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