We have reached Week 10 which means the season is slowly winding down. As teams rise to the occasion, or fall, their WR’s and CBs can potentially do the same. It becomes increasingly important to recognize potential matchups that can benefit your fantasy football team from top to bottom. Here, I will give my favorite WR and CB advantages for Week 10 of this long and arduous NFL season

WR Advantage:

T.Y. Hilton vs. Jalen Ramsey:

Image result for ty hilton

Since being drafted out of Florida State, Ramsey has been regarded as one of the best CB’s in the league. His ability to be physical at the point of attack, coupled with his speed and agility makes him one of the best athletes in all of sports. However, he will meet his match this Sunday against Hilton of the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts have been on a hot streak offensively the past few weeks. This has opened an opportunity for Hilton and his quarterback Andrew Luck. Hilton has been explosive this season and that trend will continue this week. With the repour of Luck and Hilton returning to old form, I expect another big week from the star WR even though he will be covered by one of the best CBs. With the Jacksonville Jaguars currently struggling, I expect that to filter into Ramsey’s play. For these reasons, I give Hilton the advantage over Ramsey.


Allen Robinson vs. Nevin Lawson:

Image result for allen robinson

Lawson has been playing tremendous ball as of late. With strong performances in his last few outings, he has reminded NFL fans why he has been able to keep a job in a treacherous job market. However, he will meet his match against Robinson of the Bears. Coming off an injury to his groin and appearing to be fully healthy, Robinson will look to bounce back. With Darius Slay being inactive for the Lions and the compliment to Lawson, I expect Lawson to struggle with his new found responsibilities. Lawson has a lack of experience with covering top WRs. Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky has built a relationship with Robinson that I anticipate will be on full display this week against the Lions. With an eagerness to improve his season I expect Robinson to make sure Lawson has a long afternoon. For this matchup, I give the WR the advantage.

CB Advantage:

Casey Hayward vs. Jordy Nelson:

Image result for casey hayward

There are many unanswered questions in Oakland for the Raiders. That will continue this week. In an offense that is stagnant, Nelson and the Raiders have struggled to have strong performances offensively. After trading away Amari Cooper, it seemed as if Nelson would emerge as the #1 WR for the Raiders, however, he has failed to live up to the billing. On the other hand, Hayward and the Chargers are exceeding all expectations. Hayward is a large piece of one of the best secondaries in the league. With Raiders quarterback Derek Carr having a down year, I expect that to continue into Week 10 which will impact Nelson’s performance. For the reason that Hayward and the Chargers have had so much success so far this season, coupled with a static offense of Nelson and Raiders, I give the CB the advantage in this matchup.

Marshon Lattimore vs Alex Erickson:

Image result for marshon lattimore

Lattimore since being drafted out of Ohio State has been regarded as one of the league’s rising stars. The CB has proven he can handle any matchup thrown his way and this will hold true this Sunday. Boyd has quickly emerged as a downfield threat in the AFC. With A.J. Green missing time due to injury, Boyd looks to continue seeing his snaps from the slot but will have more of a workload this week. Enter Alex Erickson. With Lattimore’s skill-set and the pieces that accompany him on the Saints defense, the CB will shine this Sunday.  Erickson and the Bengals offense will have to surpass expectations to have success against the Saints. Even though the Bengals through ten weeks have shown poise and potential, they are an organization that has yet to truly prove themselves. This will continue this week, therefore I give the CB the advantage in this matchup

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