4 Bold Predictions for Week 16

Week 15 was weird overall for the most part. You had elite players failing to put up numbers in smash spots, a ton of early game injuries, troll backups vulturing touchdowns from our beloved starters, and we saw some of the lowest scoring games in fantasy football history. I saw screenshots of teams winning scoring 73 fantasy points and advancing to the finals, simply crazy! One positive about last week was the bold predictions article! After going a stellar 3/4 last week, let’s nail it this week. Let’s get straight to it! Continue reading “4 Bold Predictions for Week 16”

Week 15 Bold Predictions

After going 0-4 on last weeks article, I’m too embarrassed¬†to even recap so let’s just move on and look at week 15! With the season sadly coming to an end, let’s get even bolder this week. Go Bold or go home mentality. With that being said, let’s get straight to it. Continue reading “Week 15 Bold Predictions”

Week 14 NFL Bold Predictions

What a crazy week it was last week. Although I went 1-3 on the Bold Predictions last week, I’m proud of the one I got right and that was the Phillip Lindsay will finish the week as a top-5 RB. He did just that! finishing as the RB2 on the week, just behind Todd Gurley. He decapitated the Bengals just how I expected. Moving onto week 14, we have some pretty interesting ones that will gather your attention. Without further ado, Let’s get straight to it! Continue reading “Week 14 NFL Bold Predictions”

Week 12 Bold Predictions

I have to say, this has been one of my favorite columns to keep track of and write throughout the season. With that being said, we are getting about half of the bold predictions right each and every weekend so far. With that being said let’s get 100% of them right and go 4/4! let’s get straight to it. Continue reading “Week 12 Bold Predictions”

Week 11 Bold Predictions

It was a fun Bold Predictions article last week! As I own the fact that I whiffed on the Josh Gordon and Bills/Jets game call, I did successfully predict the huge games from Mark Ingram and Marcus Mariota, and a solid game from Nick Mullens,¬†I will gladly take the 3-2 on being BOLD. as we move onto week 11, I got 4 Bold Predictions that I think will happen. Let’s get straight to it! Continue reading “Week 11 Bold Predictions”