WR vs. CB: Week 14

For some, fantasy football playoffs have already arrived. This has caused a heightened sense of urgency to create the best lineup possible to ensure success. This has sent fantasy owners scrambling to find ways to put their teams in the best possible position to succeed. As teams attempt to find ways to win games down the stretch, here I will give my WR vs. CB matchups for the week. This week should be exciting as division and conference opponents compete for a playoff berth. Continue reading “WR vs. CB: Week 14”

WR vs. CB: Week 13

For some teams, the playoffs are a win or loss away. At this point in the season every play matters. This will hold true in week 13. Some teams are desperate to find success, therefore WR’s and CB’s can benefit. Here I will highlight some matchups that should be considered this week. With several changes happening across the league it is important to take them into account as the NFL season winds down. Here are my WR and CB advantages for the week: Continue reading “WR vs. CB: Week 13”

WR vs. CB: Week 11

For some teams, the season has already been lost. But for those in the hunt, this week can prove to be important for long-term success. This week presents several interesting matchups, some highlighted by some of the league’s biggest superstars. This week will present an array of challenges for offenses and defenses. Here I list the WR vs. CB advantages to help paint a more vivid picture. Continue reading “WR vs. CB: Week 11”

WR vs. CB: Week 10

We have reached Week 10 which means the season is slowly winding down. As teams rise to the occasion, or fall, their WR’s and CBs can potentially do the same. It becomes increasingly important to recognize potential matchups that can benefit your fantasy football team from top to bottom. Here, I will give my favorite WR and CB advantages for Week 10 of this long and arduous NFL season Continue reading “WR vs. CB: Week 10”

WR vs. CB: Week 9

We have come a long way, but still have so much more to go. Welcome to week nine. With this past Tuesday being the NFL trade deadline, many teams have restructured themselves. In order to put themselves in a position to win now and in the future, organizations have gone through great lengths to acquire necessary assets for success. With this new wrinkle, week nine and the rest of the season can present an array of challenges. With the onslaught of teams on bye weeks, it is imperative for fantasy team owners to recognize WR vs. CB matchups they can exploit. With many division showdowns in place for this week, I will detail my key WR vs. CB matchups. Continue reading “WR vs. CB: Week 9”

WR vs. CB: Week 7

We are quickly approaching the half-way mark of the NFL season, teams are starting to either sink or swim. This week presents several league altering matchups that can dictate the success and/or failure of many teams. With offensive and defensive units finding their repour, week seven presents several challenges for both WR’s and CB’s. Here, I will highlight circumstances in which a teams’ WR or CB has the advantage in their respective matchups. Continue reading “WR vs. CB: Week 7”