WR vs. CB: Week 10

We have reached Week 10 which means the season is slowly winding down. As teams rise to the occasion, or fall, their WR’s and CBs can potentially do the same. It becomes increasingly important to recognize potential matchups that can benefit your fantasy football team from top to bottom. Here, I will give my favorite WR and CB advantages for Week 10 of this long and arduous NFL season Continue reading “WR vs. CB: Week 10”

WR vs. CB: Week 9

We have come a long way, but still have so much more to go. Welcome to week nine. With this past Tuesday being the NFL trade deadline, many teams have restructured themselves. In order to put themselves in a position to win now and in the future, organizations have gone through great lengths to acquire necessary assets for success. With this new wrinkle, week nine and the rest of the season can present an array of challenges. With the onslaught of teams on bye weeks, it is imperative for fantasy team owners to recognize WR vs. CB matchups they can exploit. With many division showdowns in place for this week, I will detail my key WR vs. CB matchups. Continue reading “WR vs. CB: Week 9”

Week 9 Running Backs: Start or Sit

Week 9 is here already?! The NFL regular season is now over halfway over, but the running back content will continue to come.  It’s starting to look like a very nice slate week with lots of running backs having good matchups and opportunities.  Here’s a few for you to target in your cash games:

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WR vs. CB: Week 7

We are quickly approaching the half-way mark of the NFL season, teams are starting to either sink or swim. This week presents several league altering matchups that can dictate the success and/or failure of many teams. With offensive and defensive units finding their repour, week seven presents several challenges for both WR’s and CB’s. Here, I will highlight circumstances in which a teams’ WR or CB has the advantage in their respective matchups. Continue reading “WR vs. CB: Week 7”

Week 7 Waiver Wire Pickups

Another week down for the NFL season and the pickings for the waiver wire are beginning to get shallow. As we approach the middle of the fantasy season, the sad thing called bye weeks are starting to trickle in and force our star players to take the week off. With limited options, 305 has gathered a couple of players to look into to help give you an edge in week 7 this week. Continue reading “Week 7 Waiver Wire Pickups”

WR vs. CB (Week 6)

The NFL season is quickly approaching the half-way mark. With that being said, many teams across the league are attempting to make strides towards a playoff berth. Injuries have caused unexpected talent to emerge. In week six, there are several key WR vs. CB matchups that will be entertaining to watch. I expect WR’s and their opposing CB’s to trade blows as teams garner their playoff aspirations. Continue reading “WR vs. CB (Week 6)”

Week 6 Running Backs: Start or Sit

What’s up guys! It’s Kiliman here again with some more running backs to target this week.  This week, I believe there are a lot of stud options to pay up for such as Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon, but don’t want to waste the space talking about the most obvious plays of the week.  Instead, I’ve found some middle of the pack guys that could be key to finishing in the green this week.  Also, last week we saw Isaiah Crowell have a record-breaking game on the ground, with extremely low ownership.  Could there be a repeat performance? Or will someone else unexpected break out? Read on to find out:

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