WR vs. CB: Week 14

For some, fantasy football playoffs have already arrived. This has caused a heightened sense of urgency to create the best lineup possible to ensure success. This has sent fantasy owners scrambling to find ways to put their teams in the best possible position to succeed. As teams attempt to find ways to win games down the stretch, here I will give my WR vs. CB matchups for the week. This week should be exciting as division and conference opponents compete for a playoff berth. Continue reading “WR vs. CB: Week 14”

WR vs. CB: Week 2

Week 2 of the 2018 NFL Season is here. This marks a week where teams hope to take what the learned in Week 1, apply it, and improve in Week 2. Across the NFL, players individually want to improve on their performance as well. For fantasy football enthusiasts, Week 2 can send owners scrambling. This is a time where it is crucial for owners to find the best lineup to put teams in the best position to succeed. NFL WR’s and CB’s want to do the same. It is imperative to identity matchups your roster can exhaust to bring home a win. Here, I will give you several key WR vs. CB matchups to look out for Week 2. Continue reading “WR vs. CB: Week 2”