GPP Talk – 3/2/17

The last couple nights have been brutal low-scoring nights in NBA DFS – contrarian was definitely the way to go.  Here’s hoping to a more successful night on today’s 3-game slate.  There will be some extremely chalky plays tonight.  Due to it being a Continue reading “GPP Talk – 3/2/17”

GPP Talk – 2/13/17

Another crazy weekend of basketball.  I definitely need to trust my gut and initial roster construction better going forward, as we’re going to have a lot more last minute news to react to.  The Suns and Bulls were so trappy and I fell for it hook line and sinker, as did many.  It’s so easy to take these min-price players that should see massive upticks in minutes and usage.  I mean, somebody has to score, right?  Tell that to Brandon Knight or Taj Gibson, etc. etc.  Anyways, let’s get to some of my favorite, high upside, GPP-only picks for tonight’s 11-game slate. Continue reading “GPP Talk – 2/13/17”