Top Fades and Pivots – 2/4/17

Last night was crazy with the late scratch of Jimmy Butler.  I had him in all my FanDuel lineups.  Luckily, he was 40% owned in my 50/50s, which gave me some hope.  I sweat it out and somehow, I managed to squeeze in 50/50 cash lines.  I’m hoping for a more normal night tonight, but already news about Memphis resting guys is breaking as I write this.  Here are my fades and pivots for tonight. Continue reading “Top Fades and Pivots – 2/4/17”

Top Fades and Pivots – 2/3/17

Thanks to everyone who read my debut article yesterday.  If you took some of my advice you probably had a nice night.  Let’s get back at it on today’s 9-game slate and attempt to repeat yesterday’s success. Continue reading “Top Fades and Pivots – 2/3/17”

1/30 Must Haves

Mike Conley ($7,500)– My first have in tonight’s slate is Mike Conley. Ok, ok, I know, Conley had just been an “OK” player as of late. He hasn’t reached the 40 Fanduel Mark in 6 straight games, but tonight I absolutely LOVE the matchup against the Suns who are VERY weak against opposing point guards and pretty much all positions. Even though Mike Conley is our fist Must Have of the night, I expect people to over-look him tonight because of his previous few game games on his game log. Mike Conley WILL reach the 40 point Fanduel mark tonight, mark my words.

Mike Conley FanDuel Points Projected- 43.7 Continue reading “1/30 Must Haves”

1/27 Slate-Talk: Player Spotlight Edition

After a really ugly 4 game slate last night, it’s slate like these today that makes me motivated to grind out a well-written article. It’s been a while since the last time we have seen a slate this big with 10 games being played the same night, so this excitement is real. For this article, unlike the others, I will be mentioning the 5 plays overall that stand out to me. Enough with the small talk, let’s get down to today’s special Play Spotlight Edition article!

Continue reading “1/27 Slate-Talk: Player Spotlight Edition”