WR vs. CB: Week 9

We have come a long way, but still have so much more to go. Welcome to week nine. With this past Tuesday being the NFL trade deadline, many teams have restructured themselves. In order to put themselves in a position to win now and in the future, organizations have gone through great lengths to acquire necessary assets for success. With this new wrinkle, week nine and the rest of the season can present an array of challenges. With the onslaught of teams on bye weeks, it is imperative for fantasy team owners to recognize WR vs. CB matchups they can exploit. With many division showdowns in place for this week, I will detail my key WR vs. CB matchups. Continue reading “WR vs. CB: Week 9”

WR vs. CB: Week 1

We have finally reached Week 1 of the 2018 NFL Season. With a new NFL season comes expectations and curiosity surrounding teams and their respective players. Across the NFL, there are several key matchups in Week 1 that weigh heavy in a team’s potential growth. Week 1 also means a new fantasy season. For fantasy team owners it has become imperative to identify the matchups that can benefit your team as a whole. The WR vs. CB matchup can determine success from week-to-week. Due to the gravity, it is vital to identify matchups your team can exploit. Here, I will give you several key WR vs. CB matchups to look out for Week 1 of this new season. Continue reading “WR vs. CB: Week 1”